Maira K.

Latham, NY

We were looking for a competent designer who could help us design and build a custom bed for us when we contacted Pascal Vohradnik. Pascal designed a great bed and it is in production now.

Ric S.

Brooklyn, NY

Pascal Vohradnik did drawings for us to relate his ideas to our existing furniture and our style in our home.

Peter W.

Albany, NY

Pascal Vohradnik has the skills to create any design and make it feasible and at the same time cost effective.

Cora B.

New York, NY

Pascal Vohradnik’s knowledge of materials is immense. He has worked with wood, metal and stone.

Alec F.

New York, NY

Pascal Vohradnik incorporates many materials into his ideas to create a beautiful and natural feel.

Stephen K.

Bridgehampton, NY

Pascal Vohradnik has an amazing stock of exotic and non-exotic woods in his shop.

Elaine S.

Mammaroneck, NY

If you are looking for someone who has the skills and the wood-shop to build you a “one-of” piece of furniture to add to your house then Pascal Vohradnik is the person to talk to.