Oak DInner Table

This table design is very pure with straight lines and solid oak wood planks. The wood has been joined and planed to create a beautiful smooth surface and to keep the natural beauty of the material. Finished with teak oil the table and benches are held by wooden chucks on the cross braces. This table bench combo makes a stunning center piece to any dining room. Eight persons can sit comfortably on the benches and two chairs can be added at the ends for a total of ten – perfect for large dinner parties.

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Land Surveying

Whenever we are contracted for an exterior projects we do a land survey and research the local laws in place before going into our design process. We have designed exteriors which included excavation of ponds, pools, streams, building of bridges, fences and opening up wood lands to make a stunning beautifully flowing paradise. Every project has different objectives and tastes of the owners which we meet and exceed.

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Eco-development Consultation

We try to stay as green as possible with all our design and design with locality in mind. Most of our materials are bought and produced locally to cut down on transport as much as possible and to keep the design eco-friendly and green.

There are numerous new ways to update houses and rooms with green technology which is healthier and more ergonomic then other building materials.

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Conceptualizing Ideas

When meeting with clients the first time it is very important to get a feel for needs and wishes as well as budget limitations. We like explore every possibility and translate this into sketch drawings of ideas and concepts which are presented. Whenever a design is chosen more detailed concept drawings are created and sometimes conceptual models. A drawings tells a thousand words and a model shows a thousand drawings….

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C7EVEN Workshop

This is the 1,000 sq. ft. shop in upstate N.Y. where most of the designs are created and finished.


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